Maybe The Backstreet Boys never knew why but we’re going to tell you why you should choose a team here.



Hello there.

Greetings from Medell铆n, Colombia! You might have heard of us through Fernando Botero, Carol G, Rigoberto Ur谩n, Balvin, Maluma, Ricardo Restrepo who currently works at NASA, and many other warm-hearted individuals who put their soul into what they do.

And although not all of us are famous, today we want to tell you 5 reasons why you would want to work with people from here:

  • Hospitality: Paisas are often very kind and welcoming to visitors, showing great hospitality in their interactions.
  • Hard work: They are known for their strong work ethic and willingness to work hard to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Solidarity: In times of difficulty or crisis, Paisas often show great solidarity and mutual support, working together to overcome challenges.
  • Resourcefulness: They are creative, innovative, and have a strong personality to implement their ideas and find solutions in the midst of crises.
  • Willingness: They are attentive and collaborative, easily fostering cordial human relationships.

We’re not perfect, but we can assure you that nothing is too big for us, that the only defeat is giving up, and that you won’t find a better team throughout Latin America. 馃榿



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