The definitive guide to facing life and problems



All human beings face problems in their lives, what differentiates us is the way in which we face them.

Obviously everyone has their own methods, but we wanted to share with you a list of things that can be very helpful. 馃槍

  1. Take a walk: Walking clears your mind and offers you new perspectives.
  2. Treat yourself: Take a day off and spend it doing whatever you feel like.
  3. Be generous: Give something to a complete stranger. Acts of kindness make us feel good about ourselves.
  4. Sit in a caf茅 or somewhere else and listen to people’s conversations and the sounds around you.
  5. Educate yourself: Research what you’re experiencing. Arm yourself with knowledge and resources to tackle issues head-on.
  6. Get ready: Make a to-do list for the next day.
  7. Write down 20 strengths you have.
  8. Keep moving forward: One step at a time. Getting stuck won’t help.
  9. Pick up a hobby again, or if you don’t have one, find one.
  10. Prioritize: Decide what’s most important right now, and say no to other things that would push it aside.
  11. Sleep: Get enough rest. Aim for 7 to 9 hours every night.
  12. Do something silly or something you did as a kid. Life can’t always be serious.
  13. Cry: Release your emotions; it’ll help you rest. If you can’t, push the tears with a movie or song.
  14. Check what you’re telling yourself; negativity won’t do you any good.
  15. Write: Making writing a habit helps you unload your thoughts and emotions.
  16. Remember that life is a journey and that everything is temporary and will pass.



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