There might be an impostor among us… and that’s normal. Many people suffer from impostor syndrome. This is a psychological phenomenon where individuals doubt their own success and feel like a fraud or believe they don’t deserve the recognition they’ve received. They tend to attribute their success to luck, deception, or any other external circumstances […]

Surviving Difficult Customers

Let’s be honest, any kind of interaction with another human being has its complexities, but some interactions are more complex than others, like in Customer Service. We’ve identified 3 types of customers that are particularly challenging: The Impatient One: they’re in a hurry and they let you know it. What should you do? Handle them […]

There are several ways that RAM BPO can help your company succeed:

Hello there! Here is a list of some of the things we can do for your company, to know the rest we can make an appointment for you 😏 👆Cost savings: Outsourcing allows you to save money by eliminating the need for in-house staff and reducing overhead costs associated with the hiring employees. ✌︎ Increased […]

A BPO IS NOT a K-pop band, no.

Hello there! A BPO it is a great ally that is there to make things easier for companies that want to grow and scale. There are tasks that are very operational, that require a lot of people and a lot of time but they must be done. So the wise decision that companies make is […]